Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Baches and Topes... (potholes and speedbumps)

Baches and Topes are the hallmarks of Mexican roads. Ups and downs. You must scan the roadway for baches (say "bah-chays)" with vigilance, picking your line between the asphalt craters and braking when the road sieves out into a mess of them. Topes ("toe-pays") are souped-up speedbumps interspersed at the frequency one would find stoplights on a US road and are the Mexican way of checking speeds to sub-Autobahn levels in places where the baches may not have riddled the roadway. Topes are the so precipitously tall that you must come to a dead stop to summit them without sending sparks over the pavement as you roll down the backside. Ups and downs are part and parcel of travelling. You might find yourself the mark of a corrupt cop or an unexpected guest at the table of a friendly family. It is what it is. These pictures are some of the ups of the Mexico trip thus far...

Kat boofs the (insert expletive of choice) out of it! (Rio Salto)
Splashing through the aquarium on the Salto. This rapid was actually used as a location for a scene in the film "Finding Nemo."
Left to right, Taylor, Dr. Jorge A. Marquez, and Kat. If you go to San Luis Potosi, ask around for the doctor. He'll cure what ails you and is great people. He and his son are the two most enthusiastic paddlesports enthusiasts in the area.
An aggressive ferry angle.
A bit blurry, but I feel that the beams of sunlight in this photograph are documented and irrefutable proof that God loves kayaking. This is the very last drop on the Alsaseca before the confluence with the Bobos. Upstream of this drop lies a rapid I hope somebody runs someday...