Thursday, November 8, 2007

In Mexico, as fugitives of our checkered pasts...

Kat Skar-face waits for it... waits for it...

Skar-face likes to stomp it down. She kayaks through the jungle as if her paddle were a machete slashing through the tropical foliage. That is, until she gets salmonella... Now instead of her making passage through water, water makes passage through her.

Let it be known, the chicas propositioned us to have this picture taken. We were not however able to bring these particular chicas back to the hotel due to the fact that one of their boyfriends took the picture.

Apres kayaking cervezas are good... Kayaking on an actual river of cerveza... even better!

What you need to know about road-tripping to Mexico: 1) Texas tried to kill us. Mostly through sheer persistence of its vast, featureless landscape, which starts to give you strange ideas, like leaving your travel partner at a gas station. 2) If you get a "speeding ticket" within minutes of crossing the border but several blocks from where the alleged violation occurred, do not be surprised. Instead, grovel and try frantically to recollect a language you have not used in over a year. 3) Sugar cane trucks are top-heavy. Pass with care.

Mexico has been good times so far, from portaging a travertine dam on the Rio Tampaon where the whole river vanishes only to reappear on the other side, to lapping the natural amusement park of the cascadas Micos before a live studio audience. We are now at the Salto section of the same river but 100k upstream, awaiting a cessation to the bacterial onslaught on Kat's guts. In the meantime, we check out the tourist waterfalls. If it's on the map, you can't run it. This blog is dedicated to Dr. Jorge A. Marquez, a local kayaker who was kind enough to treat Kat pro bono and hook us up with cipro, yo.