Thursday, March 5, 2009

Upper Middle Consumin'

The only un-dammed Sierra river. From the granite express-way at put-in to the quartz ice-bergs at take out, what better place to KILL IT?

Thomas Moore receives his briefing, assumes a false identity, assassinates the drop, and returns to the safe-house, making sure he is not followed.

Indisputable evidence that should compel you to find the accused, Ben Wartburg, GUILTY of murder in the first degree!

The man behind the lens, Daring McQuoid, captured in a hit-and-run vehicular manslaughter of this falls.

In Omo Ranch, the O-Mob runs things! Don't you forget it son!

1 comment:

JPatt said...

killer pics and write up bro. looks like a Holocaust proportion massacre out there