Monday, April 20, 2009

A little bit closer

Darin Mcquoid, Golden Gate

Robbie Hogg, Upper Middle Cosumnes

Alan Speering, Upper Clavey

Alan punching a hole in the water like it's drywall and he's mad


Ben said...

A little closer to what? Another epic Cali season? Let me know when/if you're doing Royal Gorge, that's the run I'd like to come down for this year.
Ben H

Taylor Cavin said...

Nirvana. I sure would like to run the Royal Gorge again (Gutters post #1) since the take-out is about an hour from my house, but we will have to see what the weather says. Last year it ran for about twenty minutes during a storm. Holla!

Josh Neilson said...

Hey bro have a meen summer in cali! keep the posts coming so we can see the Cali news! there is a good crew of kiwis coming to cali so keep an eye out for them! Meanwhile im off further north on the globe in search of some new places to spend endless summer hours! have a good one bro! catch ya somewhere